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Using data-driven tactics and qualitative metrics, we develop effective influencer marketing programs that generate meaningful engagements and maximize brand awareness.

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Unique custom content

Conversation Starter

$ 2,750

20+ Forum posts

8+ PR articles

Community Buzz

$ 4,500

Talk of the Town

$ 6,900

Influencer Marketing Packages

Unique custom content

20+ Forum posts

8+ PR articles

100k+ followers Twitter posts

Unique custom content

20+ Forum posts

8+ PR articles

100k+ followers Twitter posts

5k+ subscribers Youtube review

We develop and distribute branded content to niche audiences most relevant to your industry. Our influencers comprise of industry thought leaders, editors and reporters, social advocates and existing customers

Boost the conversation and engagement with our social media publications on high volume twitter accounts from the community.

Unique Content

Twitter posts

We will publish engaging content with seasoned forum accounts of key influencers to get your brand stories in front of the right audiences.

Forum & Blog posts

Maximize the results by having your company reviewed by our Youtube vlogger partners with a following of community members..

Youtube review

Some Of Our Achievements

Social Media growth by 2X

Telegram growth by 3.4X

Email list growth by 2.3X

PR outreach to 20MM users

CTR increased by 3.4%

CPL reduced t0 $1

Crypto ads network outreach to 20MM Users

CVR rate increased by 35%

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Graphic Design Specialist

Community Marketing China

Senior Marketing Project Manager

Marketing Manager Korea


Creative Content Writer



About Us

We offer one-stop service for companies—big or small—consisting of content marketing, social media, paid search, SEO, PR, analytics, influencer marketing, web & app development, community management, branding and fundraising. We want you to focus on building your business while we work for you to grow your brand, 

PurpleMinds offer advisory services tailored specifically to your project and provide continuous support throughout the entire marketing campaign. Whether your business is new to online channels or just not getting the results you want, we are here to help. 

We are connected with an extensive network of high net worth investors as well as top media outlets and influencers to get your message to the right people. We will promote your project directly to our extensive global network through private investor roadshows, pitching sessions, mail marketing and other result-driven channels. 

Full service marketing agency

Customized service

International PR solutions

PurpleMinds is a full-service digital marketing, consulting and fundraising agency focused exclusively on helping companies differentiate their brand, increase leads and sales, and optimize their marketing strategies.  We have a strong team of PR professionals and digital marketing experts as well as a deep network of connections which we harness to promote and grow your brand.  

We have experience and expertise to convert your PR marketing investment into tangible results. Whether your company is in the technology industry, e-commerce or everything in between, PutpleMinds can help you generate qualified leads, increase brand awareness and gain that competitive edge.

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Google review of PurpleMinds - TokenMinds by Paula Mott

★★★★★ "You won't regret working with TokenMinds. They are a dedicated team of true experts. From community building to bounty campaigns and PR promotion. Also on the investor side they are quite strong. Attended one of their events and wasn't disappointed at all. The industry needs more of these kind of guys."

Reviews from Google

Google review of TokenMinds | PurpleMinds by Roscoe Hsu

★★★★★ "Working with TokenMinds' team is a great experience. Their marketing skills and network in fundraising very effective for taking our project to the next level. They feel like a true extension of our team."

Google review of PurpleMinds - TokenMinds by Debra Dodd

★★★★★ "The TokenMinds team is a highly qualified set of individuals. They helped us with raising funds, as well as optimizing our business plan. Their reach is quite global and we gained some valuable contacts for our operation from them. It's a good partner to have when looking for funding campaigns and/or marketing and developing your business/startup/project."

Google review of PurpleMinds - TokenMinds by William Kerry

★★★★★ "Great team. Real results. Just a quality focussed group of people that know their field. A lot of companies sell marketing services with fake followers but TokenMinds has actual methods of building up the community in an organic way, while showing good numbers as well.

Google review of PurpleMinds - TokenMinds by David Meeks

★★★★★ "Great service of Rob, Anchor, Simas and the rest of the team. They are always reachable when I need them and go the extra mile in ensuring our projects' success. I met them at a conference in Hong Kong, and we have been working closely together ever since.

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